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Mother's Day and Making It Better

This year the run into Mother's Day has been a little easier for me.

Admittedly I am still exercising some rather selective vision about where I actually look in department stores (we all know Mothers Day is coming up people - I don't need a sign every three paces!). It is getting better though.

A part of that making things better involved a spur of the moment decision at work yesterday afternoon. I logged into the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation site and made a donation.

While ovarian cancer claimed my Mum, hopefully a donation or five from people will mean more Mums getting a chance to have a few more Mother's Days with their kids and grandkids.

PS - I have got the radio on at the moment. In one of those little moments I have often written about here, one of Mum's favourite songs just came on.



I got shivers up my spine when I read that a favourite song of your mother's started playing as you were thinking about her. I don't believe occurrences like that are necessarily coincidences.

Ken still hasn't donated his inheritance to the hospice like he wanted to, so I'll make sure he does that this weekend. He wants to do it in memory of his mum, so I guess waiting until mother's day is perfect timing after all.

(Slightly off topic: Do you have children, Baci?)

Re: @>--->---------

No Baci Mini-Mes to speak of Miss Spooky. Today was reasonably good. I worked the hellaciously early shift this morning and spent most of the afternoon tapping away at the computer on a couple of projects.

I think I will sleep well tonight! :)

Re: @>--->---------

How was Mothers Day in the Mesk/Spooky household?

You. Me. Coffee. ASAP. (And I'm interning at MX this week, if that helps speed up any meetingupness at all...)
Caffeine is good. Friendly even. How are you looking mid-week?
Eep, didn't see this til now! Will SMS you!